Amplify your Preparedness

Immediate Solutions for Healthcare Organizations in the wake of a public health crisis


This is a time to capture the trust and loyalty of your patients and employees. How you move, what you say, your plan of action will either expand trust or erode it.

A grounded and strategic response to external threats is essential to:

1. Support & empower your people

2. Serve your patients’ essential needs

3. Maintain business continuity

How prepared are your leaders to manage change and crisis?

Are the lines of communication truly open? How nimble and adaptive is your organization? How will you pivot, take care of employees and patients, and stay in business for the duration of the external stressors?


Business Continuity Planning

Being Ready for When the S**t Hits the Fan

Pre-work: assessment of current situation, gap analysis, organizational strategic plans and goals, business continuity communications plan and protocols

We will review the effectiveness and impact of your existing plan and identify gaps and make recommendations. From here, we will conduct and facilitate your leadership team including necessary simulations, crisis adjustments, and implementation best practices. Focus on best practice and organizational readiness for current and other types of crisis situations.


  • Communication plan and protocol
  • Lines of authority, decision making, delegation plans
  • Channels and methods of communications
  • Leadership capacity training

Culture Continuity & Crisis Communications

Securing and Shifting Your Culture in Adverse Times

Pre-work: organizational structure, current culture situation, human capital strategy, current culture statement

  • What is your modem of operation during crisis situations, Do you act from your values?
  • What is your ability to maintain your culture when you shift heavily to remote working?
  • How do you bring grace, connection, and dignity to endings and closings?
  • How do you communicate to stakeholders?
  • How do you regulate emotionally, energetically?
  • What is your blueprint for dealing with difficult conversations and communications?


  • Plan for successful transitions to multi-site workforce
  • Protocols, practices, checklists for multi-site workforce
  • Culture reflective of mission, vision, and values
  • Crisis Communication plan and protocols
  • Emotional and energetic support

Strategic Operations & Re-evaluation

How Long is Your Runway?

Pre-work: 2020 strategic plans and goals, current assessment of situation and resources on strategic goals

How is the current crisis effecting your 2020 strategic plans? How can you maintain progress on your strategic goals while you manage and allocate resources to what’s most pressing. Together, we will examine your assets, reallocate resources, and make recommendations for realignment for optimal productivity in adverse times.


  • Updated 2020 strategic plan w/ prioritised strategic initiatives
  • Financial plans and budget reallocation plans
  • Reallocation of resources to manage crisis need
  • Leadership and team facilitation to build alignment and consensus
  • Deployment plans and re-engineering of execution

Employee Safety / New Protocols

How do you develop your organizations’ resiliency?

Pre-work: organizational human capital plan, staffing plans, employee contingency plans, HR protocols

How do you enable and inspire your people to remain engaged and supportive of your vision and values. Does your staff feel supported by your current decision making and communication process? Do you have plans to support depth in staff, replenishment, and revitalization? How will you handle sick leave, dependent care, child/elderly care. and sick calls? What is your plan for additional staff?



  • Executive Communications Plan
  • Staff Contingency Plan
  • Technology readiness to execute services online
  • HR Resource Budget Implications

Patient Communications & PR/Media

How you communicate from a place of compassion and respect?

Pre-work: communication and pr/media plans, current communication methods and channels, existing marketing and communication outreach, internal corporate communications

How do you re-design your current communication plans and activities from the patient and employee perspectives. How do you maintain and build relationships providing for 2-way communication, feedback and support? How do you show up, build trust and brand impact during times of crisis?


  • Communication strategy and plan
  • Optimal messages that build relationship and connection
  • Communication channels and methodology
  • Internal culture experiences and communication
  • Media/PR Plan
  • Patient and Communication Outreach Plan



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