Energetic Business Development

For Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders who want CLEAR pathways to Growth

Energetic Business Development = Alignment of Vision + Team + Marketing

If everything is ENERGY…are you tapping into your full potential to create what you want?

We combine traditional Business Development and Strategic Marketing principles with Energetic Tools to bring new growth and prosperity to your entire organization.

After years working with companies of all sizes, start-ups to large corporations, we’ve found most companies are unclear on their vision, teams are fragmented with multiple agendas, and customers are jaded by brands only in it for the sale. The old ‘push’ strategy is outdated and no longer works with today’s workforce or evolved consumer.

Energetic Business Development is a new business development paradigm utilizing both traditional and energetic tools at every level of the business development process to align your vision, internal culture (team buy-in), and marketing communication and outreach.

If you are interested in building a solid brand foundation for your company, infusing new energy into your organization, or tapping into energetic components of business generation, this is the approach for you.

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3 Step Program with Traditional and Energetic Deliverables:

  • Step 1 - Business Development

  • Step 2 - Team Development

  • Step 3 - Marketing & Customer Acquisition


  • Clear vision and mission, values reflected in all parts of the organization.

  • Empowered leaders, managers, and workforce, all driving toward a common goal.

  • Operation reflective of core vision/purpose, top to bottom, front to back.

  • Authentic relationships with all stakeholders, including target audience who now sees you as an authentic, valuable brand.

  • New business lanes, attract top talent, exceed revenue and valuation projections.

Here’s How it Works!

Each step includes both traditional and new energetic solutions. We employ both as needed given your unique set of circumstances. Completed in sequence and aligning these steps will have greatest impact on generating growth.

Step 1 – Business Development:

Clarify your Vision, Remove Blocks

Step 2 – Team Development:

Internal Branding, People/Business Alignment, Mindfulness Training

Step 3 – Marketing Strategy:

Customer Acquisition, Community Engagement, Revenue Growth

What are Business Development Solutions?

  • Brand Platform
  • Internal Brand/Culture
  • Operations/Communication Protocols
  • Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Strategic Initiatives Outlined
  • Research and Positioning
  • Visual Campaign Development
  • Integrated Marketing Plan and Calendar
  • Marketing Deployment
  • Performance Tracking and Analytics

What are Energetic Solutions?

  • Establishment of business vision, statement of purpose
  • Clearing of blocks, limiting outlooks inhibiting growth and progress
  • Collaboration tools to build consensus and shared values
  • Use of intention to manifest goals, establish common visions, unify teams
  • Identification and establishment of connection driving speed of progress
  • Mindfulness tools for the workplace: grounding, clearing, intention setting for both personal and group process
  • Decision making tools to determine best course of action aligned with vision/goals/intention
  • Company cultural practices to focus and unify people, generate abundance

Launch your Growth. Acquire more Customers… What are you waiting for?