Growth Marketing

What is Growth Marketing?


Growth Marketing is a multi-channel deployment of outreach activities to drive awareness and conversions – engage and create customers. A Growth Marketing Plan unifies your organization around clear customer acquisition campaigns – creating a renewed focus on new customers, revenue and growth.

Your Growth Marketing Strategy and Plan is based on your brand vision, culture, positioning, financial objectives, and target audience relevance.  In order to optimize growth and customer acquisition, its important for your brand vision to be clear, leadership and employees on board with the plan, and your target audience resonates with your communication and campaign.  

We develop Growth and Performance Marketing Campaigns from strategy and concept to deployment and tracking – plus everything in between.

As your Marketing partner, we support your existing team or serve as your entire marketing organization.


  • Focus Groups
  • Trends and Cultural Data
  • Target Audience Archetypes
  • Audience Preferences and Message Matrix


  • Communications Strategy: Positioning and Key Messages
  • Customer Experience and Services Standards
  • Website Strategy, UX/UI, User Flow and Conversion Plan
  • Internal Consensus Building


  • Brand and Marketing Campaign Concept and Design
  • Advertising Collateral (digital, print, identity)
  • Strategic Partnerships, Endorsements
  • Media Events, Publicity Campaigns
  • Website Development and Launch


  • Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Activities and Deployment Calendar
  • Customized Media Plans (digital, web, social, mobile)
  • Digital Strategy and Web Performance Plan
  • Public/Media Relations Strategy and Plan
  • Website Strategy, UX/UI, User Flow and Conversion Plan


  • Digital and Mobile Media Strategy
  • Digital and Mobile Display Ads
  • Targeting and Retargeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Social CPC
  • SEO, Organic Rank Strategy
  • SEM, Google Adwords
  • UX/UI
  • Website Analytics & Marketing Activities Framework for 0ptimal conversion and performance tracking


  • KPI Development, Metrics Identification and Tracking
  • Web Performance, Google Tag Manager and Analytics
  • Daily Tracking and Performance Adjustments
  • Monthly ROI, Attribution and Acquisition Reports


  • WordPress Web Site Creation
  • Wireframe, Site Map optimized to brand/product strategy
  • UX/UI with Conversion Optimization
  • SEO Optimization w/ Google Tag Manager and Analytics
  • Web/Images Graphic Asset Development
  • Web Content Copywriting

The Basics

A brand clarity consultation is a client-driven conversation meant to address your most immediate challenges. This is your sounding board to share current hurdles blocking you from opportunities.

The CLARITY consultation helps you gain perspective on your most immediate needs, renew focus, and surface new solutions to overcome what may seem insurmountable. You will get guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes and understands what you need to do.

How it Works

  • Fill out our ‘Vision Questionnaire’ and return it to us.
  • We view your background and questionnaire to get the most from our call.
  • Your Clarity consultation is 1 hour either by phone, or if you’re local in the SF Bay Area, a face-to-face meeting.
  • BONUS: should you choose to further your work, 100% this session can be applied to your next service.

What you Get

  • Vision Questionnaire
  • Clarify Brand and Business Focus
  • FREE Start Up Tools
  • 1 Hour Session
  • Next Steps

Cost: $497


The Basics

Sometimes we all need a fresh perspective to infuse our brand vision and refuel ourselves in order to capture the next level of growth.

The BRAND INFUSION session is highly recommended for CMO’s, CEO’s, and business owners who have teams who look to them for clarity and are responsible for producing year-over-year revenue growth. Likewise for small business owners and entrepreneurs, who seek fresh perspective on their plans or an infusion of energy to capture the next level of growth.

After this one-day session, you will come away with renewed energy to hurdle your most immediate challenges and next steps to put your business growth in motion.

How it Works

  • Fill out our ‘Vision Questionnaire’ and return it to us
  • We review your website, background, and your questionnaire to get the most from our session
  • A 1-Day in person brand and business infusion session

Session recap notes and recommendations

What you Get

  • 1 Strategy Session
  • Brand Platform: Purpose, Vision and Values
  • Product/Services Offerings List
  • Audience Target and Key Messages
  • Marketing Next Steps

Cost: $4,000


The Basics

The Brand Center package is a complete brand platform and positioning program for businesses that currently do not have a brand or need to update their existing brand.

How it Works

  • Fill out our ‘Vision Questionnaire’ and return it to us
  • We review your website, background, and your questionnaire to get the most from our sessions
  • Brand Center is a 4-8 week program, with 4 in person sessions
    • 1st Session is Brand Infusion
    • 2nd Session is Brand Development
    • 3rd Session is Creative Campaign Presentation
    • 4th Session is Campaign Expressions and Marketing Recommendations
  • Receive full session recap notes and next steps

What you Get

  • Clear Vision, Focus, and Purpose
  • Brand Platform: Mission, Vision, Values
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Communications Strategy with Key Messages
  • Customer Target: Attributes, Key Messages
  • Brand Identify: Logo, Tagline, Corporate Identity
  • Brand Campaign with Advertising and Marketing Expressions
  • Marketing and Website Recommendations List

The Basics

Once your brand is clearly articulated and your internal culture is on board with your vision, we develop a Marketing Strategy and Plan to capture awareness and drive customer acquisition.

Part of the Market Launch Program includes an Integrated Marketing Plan that outlines ALL marketing activities, by channel, by month driven by an overarching editorial calendar that synchronizes and streamlines your outreach.

Most importantly, we link your marketing activities plan to website conversions and track performance on monthly ROI reports from Google and 3rd party data.

Emergent handles all strategy, structure, plan framework to either jumpstart your existing Marketing department or we can BE an adjunct to your team managing program, tracking performance, and reporting on results.

How it Works

  • Fill out our ‘Vision Questionnaire’ and return it to us
  • We review your website, background, and your questionnaire to get the most from our sessions
  • Marketing Roadmap Launch is a 4-6 week program, with 3 in person sessions
    • 1st Session is Marketing Work Session
    • 2nd Session is Plan Presentation
    • 3rd Session is Execution and Deployment Planning
  • Receive full session recap notes and next steps

What you Get

  • Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy and Plan
  • Integrated Marketing Activities and Deployment Calendar
  • Target Audience and Key Message Matrix
  • Advertising and Media Plan
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Website UX/UI Enhancements
  • Google Analytics and Performance Marketing Set Up
To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation.