New Year, New View 2016

03 Jan New Year, New View 2016

Do you have a place to go where it’s quiet, no distractions, no phone or computer; where your mind can be still to just THINK!  My place is the Budda Pond at Indian Springs, Calistoga. I retreat here every January to set a clear intentions and visions for my business and life. It’s the place where I take a ‘time out’ to still my mind to listen and hear my own inner voice and wisdom.  It’s easy to practice here, to develop my mindlessness muscle. Then back at home, when stress creeps in, I visualize the Budda Pond, slow down and breathe and come back to my own center. It is so important to master quieting our minds so are able to access our innate intelligence, our higher truth, access perspective and guidance on how to manage life, lead companies, communicate or make important decisions. Do you have a place or practice to quiet your mind to access your own insights and wisdom?

When our minds are quiet, we can actually hear our own innate intelligence, a wealth of insights just behind all the noise.

Here’s a quick practice to help you still your mind:

  • Find a quiet space, your office or car – a place you will be undisturbed for 10 minutes.
  • Close your eyes and follow your breath. If thoughts arise, bring your attention back to your breath.
  • Imagine a tall Redwood tree, lean against its tall, wide trunk and visualize this as an extension of your backbone. See it’s roots as your roots, spanning deep to the center of the earth.
  • Feel the strength of this tree grounding you to the earth, releasing all stress down your trunk or ‘grounding cord’ to the center of the earth to be dissolved.
  • Stretch as tall as the top of your tree and reach for sunlight. Feel that sunlight pour into the top of your head, fueling your backbone all the way down through your roots and into your grounding.
  • See all the negative energy and worry flow through this sunlight column and dissolve into the center of the earth, releasing all negative, unwanted energy into the earth.
  • Focus on this column of light and ask, “What do I need to know?” “What do I need to see and learn here?”  Your information will come through. You can either write this down or just have it enter your unconscious mind.
  • Take a few more breaths and come back into your body, keeping the strength of the giant Redwood in your space as your support. As you return, keep your tall ‘tree-like’ stature, connected to your sunlight.
  • Feel the support of this alignment as you return to your office, go to meetings, on your commute, when you arrive home. See how long you can hold this. When you notice it’s gone, simply connect back into your tree, extend it’s roots and reach for the sunlight.
  • Observe how this tree-like stature informs your words, feelings, thoughts and interactions and experiences.

Would love to hear about your experiences using this tool, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call. (415) 380-8910.

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