About This Project

Executed international consumer insights research to launch new product offerings and positioning for Logitech’s ipad accessories and Harmony Home Remote products. Gathered consumer insights in technology use and beliefs, purchasing habits, and buying motivations in US, France, Germany, China, Brazil and Chile markets. From findings, created brand positioning and key messaging by market and directed creative team on campaign development.



  1. Increase Logitech brand awareness and satisfaction.
  2. Build Logitech sales and preference in ipad accessories and home remote products.
  3. Drive online traffic and conversions on product pages on Logitech website.


Success Metrics:

  1. Engagement/Opt-ins
  2. Impressions
  3. Net Promoter Score: Pre/Post
  4. PR Value and Impressions
  5. Web Metrics (CTR, Traffic, Conversions)
  6. Purchase Intent
International Customer Research and Positioning

US, Europe, South America and China Market Research, Country Specific Positioning and Key Messages and Creative Campaign Development



Business, Digital, Technology
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